The Plight of the Yazidi People

Today, on the second anniversary of the brutal attack in Iraq known as the Sinjar Massacre, my thoughts are with the Yazidi people who had been displaced by the barbarism of ISIS. Two years ago, early in the morning, ISIS launched an attack on the town of Sinjar, the historic home of the Yazidi people […]

Where is Syria Today?

As Syria enters its fifth year of warfare, the situation only keeps getting worse and worse. Syria, a relatively small country in the Middle East that borders Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, and Israel, is embroiled in an immensely complex war that finds its roots in Syria’s history and foreign policy. On the one hand, […]

My Thoughts on South Sudan

On December 20, 2013, in Africa, Foreign Affairs, Fragile States, Human Rights, Poverty, South Sudan, War, by senjaffer

For the last few nights sleep is something I have to search for.  I just cannot get rid of the images described by the UN Peacekeepers of “women and children in the Sudan being mowed down”. In 2002, when I visited South Sudan for the first time I was really shell shocked. I am a […]