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  1. Kate Baggott says:

    Madame Senator,

    I recently discover your work on Canada’s role in enforcing the Hague Convention. I am involved in a case that illustrates how easily the convention can be used as an instrument of domestic abuse. In April 2013 my husband gave me a notarized letter of consent to travel with our two children from Germany to Canada where we are citizens. The consent was from 2 April 2013 to 15 August 2014 with the possibility of extension. Both of us completed the deregistration process foreign residents of Germany are required to undergo when they leave. A week after we left Germany, my husband contacted the German Central Authority to ask how to bring an application against me. In March 2014, I received a letter revoking my permission to be here by email followed with demands that I return the children to Germany as unaccompanied minors. Our case was brought before the courts in June 2014 — before the consent expired — and is now before the Ontario Court of Appeal. In our case, the Hague Convention is only an attempt to abduct children using the legal system itself. There has been no acknowledgement from ANY level of government that there are no safeguards against the abuse or misuse of the convention. I do expect the Canadian government to make that statement.

    With kind regards,

    Kate Baggott

  2. Joan Bisson says:

    Senator Jaffer, I am very much opposed to Bill C-14, the slope is very slippery, just check out Holland and Belgium, why is the government so into the culture of DEATH instead the culture of LIFE, it would save them paying a lot of pensions. Have more funding for Hospice and Palliative care, let us care for our people instead of KILLING them. We’ve killed enough babies over the last few decades, so now it is time to get rid of the old and the sick? Thank you for listening,
    Joan Bisson

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