1st Session, 37th Parliament,
Volume 139, Issue 75

Thursday, November 29, 2001


Question of Privilege

The Hon. the Speaker: Honourable senators, we have now come to the end of our Order Paper. On Tuesday past, Senator Cools raised a question of privilege. I indicated that I would entertain further comment on the question of privilege when Senator Jaffer was in the chamber. This would be Senator Jaffer’s opportunity, if she wishes, to make a comment.


Hon. Mobina S. B. Jaffer: Honourable senators, I wish to speak to the motion. I have no problem with the heading being changed, but I would ask that the heading be changed to “The Tragic Death of Aaron Webster.”

I also should like to state that if I have offended anyone by my statement, it was not my intention. I sincerely apologize for that.



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