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Long Live the Long Gun Registry:

Did you know?

On average, one in three women killed by their husbands in Canada is shot.

In 2007, about 15% of known firearm homicides in Canada were committed with a long gun.

In 1994, the same year the gun registry was introduced, a total of 91 women across Canada were killed by guns as a result of spousal abuse. In 2008, a total of 9 women were killed as a result of spousal abuse.

These are troubling figures and unfortunately are all too common; however, preserving the gun registry can prevent them from escalating.

Canadians across the country feel the Long-gun registry is an important tool in crime control and prevention; a sentiment shared by Police authorities, nation wide.

This registry is not about duck hunters, nor is it about men or women, or even the $4 million in carrying costs (12 cents per person a year); it is simply about making our society safer.

The Long-gun registry’s function is simple: it registers guns and informs the authorities of the status of registered firearms and the license holders.

The fact is that gun violence is an issue in Canada. It is thus only logical that we at least know who owns a firearm in this country. Having this knowledge is invaluable.

We should not forget the massacre in Montreal wherein 28 people were shot, including 14 women who died as a result. Worse still would be if we dishonored the work that has been done as a result of this tragedy to deal with gun violence by removing the Long-gun registry.

We need active legislation to regulate guns. We need to save the gun registry to save lives.


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