Debates of the Senate (Hansard)

3rd Session, 37th Parliament,
Volume 141, Issue 15

Tuesday, February 24, 2004
The Honourable Dan Hays, Speaker

Celebration of Eid Al Adha

Hon. Mobina S. B. Jaffer: Honourable senators, on Wednesday February 11, the Prime Minister, members of cabinet, senators and members of the House of Commons representing all political parties, as well as ambassadors and members of the Muslim community, were in attendance on Parliament Hill to celebrate one of the major Muslim festivals — Eid Al Adha. The celebration commemorates the willingness of the prophet, Ibraham, to sacrifice his eldest son, Ishmael, for Allah. He has come to signify the spirit of sacrifice that every devotee of Allah should carry in his or her heart.

The Association of Progressive Muslims of Ontario, a non-profit organization that is open to all Muslims, organized this important event. Under the leadership of Mobeen Khaja, president, and Zul Kassamali, vice-president, the association was created to build bridges of understanding between Muslims and other faith groups.

This year the Association of Progressive Muslims honoured two political figures. The association presented our colleague Senator Prud’homme with a plaque that reads: “His dedication to just causes, his 40 years of public service, his contributions toward parliamentary democracy, his friendship toward the Muslim community and other communities.”

The association also honoured the late Right Honourable Pierre Elliott Trudeau for the lasting legacy he left Canadians. It was Mr. Trudeau’s promotion of tolerance for all faiths and his recognition and understanding of all peoples regardless of beliefs, origins or values that created the vision of multiculturalism that is the foundation of Canada’s modern society. Canadians owe much to Mr. Trudeau for his vision.

Honourable senators, I know that you will join me in congratulating Senator Prud’homme for his achievements.