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Animated Whiteboard Video

This animation attempts to explain how Systemic Racism lives unseen in our society, and how it affects people’s lives and futures. It shows the cyclical nature of Systemic Racism, and how lives are shaped by the degree of discrimination and/or marginalization they are subjected to throughout their lives.


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Blog Series

The Invisible Visible Minority (Part I)

There is no longer any doubt that Canada is indeed a nation that is plagued by systemic racism, at every level. As a racialized person, I have been subject to, and have witnessed, what it means to have the “wrong” skin colour and accent despite my access to a good education and my subsequent careers, prior to being a Senator. Now [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Systemic Racism Defined

As we move to the second blog of our series about Systemic Racism, it is crucial that we understand what it constitutes. In order to work towards the eradication of an institutionally engrained behaviour, we first need to define it. Systemic racism as defined by the Ontario Government: Systemic racism consists of organizational culture, policies, directives, practices or procedures that exclude, [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Race and Employment

In the previous blog of our Systemic Racism series - The Invisible Visible Minority, we discussed the importance of definitions and how without clearly defining a problem, solutions can be very hard to find. But definitions can never truly portray a lived experience, much as a number in a statistic can never speak of a personal tragedy. It is crucial that [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: From Inadequate Housing to Discrimination

Racial discrimination can manifest as negative attitudes against, and poor treatment of, those who live in a particular area or neighbourhood. Researchers have documented instances of people living in such neighbourhoods being unable to obtain insurance, get couriers to make deliveries, or have a taxi driver pick them up from the area. Landlords may also reject applications for rental housing when [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Discrimination and Marginalization in School

As we established in our previous blogs, a racialized family that barely has found jobs will be forced to  live in a low income neighbourhood, and thus begins another struggle with their children’s education. It is an undeniable fact that children in low income neighbourhoods do not get the same education experience as richer neighbourhoods. Indeed, many Canadians choose a neighbourhood [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Institutional and Carceral Racism in Canada

As we move through the implications of Systemic Racism on people’s lives, it is critical that we consider the impact of state-run institutions such as jails and prisons. Across our country, people of all races are sitting in prison cells. How and why did they get end up here? The fact is, virtually every person has done something for which they [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Time for Change

As we conclude this series and look forward to upcoming changes across every level of our government and within every aspect of our collective Canadian society, I am hopeful that real and tangible progress will be seen. However, I know as well as anyone that political and forward momentum are not permanent nor are, they a given. Rather, in the midst [...]

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