Bill C-6: Conversion Therapy

There is a lot of conversations happening across Canada around Bill C-6, a bill that if passed, will ban conversion therapy in Canada. Provincially, since 2015, several provinces and territories, including British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Prince Edward Island and Yukon have banned the practice on minors, [...]

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A Call for the Collection of Race-Based Data

Back in the summer, I wrote a blog post calling for the federal government to adopt a strictly Race-Based Analysis, which would include but not be limited to the collection of racially disaggregated or race-based data. Many months later, this vision is much closer to coming to fruition. For [...]

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Celebrate 1325 by Turning Ink on Paper into Actions on the Ground

Twenty years ago, and after many years of mobilization and advocacy by women’s movements and civil society, the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325, on women, peace and security, was unanimously ratified. The evidence was overwhelming that the inclusion of women in peace negotiations results in a more stable, [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Time for Change

As we conclude this series and look forward to upcoming changes across every level of our government and within every aspect of our collective Canadian society, I am hopeful that real and tangible progress will be seen. However, I know as well as anyone that political and forward momentum [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Institutional and Carceral Racism in Canada

As we move through the implications of Systemic Racism on people’s lives, it is critical that we consider the impact of state-run institutions such as jails and prisons. Across our country, people of all races are sitting in prison cells. How and why did they get end up here? [...]

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