1st Session, 42nd Parliament,
Volume 150, Issue 87

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
The Honourable George J. Furey, Speaker


The Honourable Wilfred P. Moore

Hon. Mobina S. B. Jaffer: Honourable senators, I rise to pay tribute to our colleague and dear friend Senator Moore, Q.C.

The work Senator Moore has done through the various avenues he has access to, whether through one of his roles with the Liberal Party, where I first met him, or as a lawyer or the tireless worker that he has been in the chamber, clearly show that he has committed his professional life to improving the lives of all Canadians. He has worked tirelessly for us. It is because of the spirit of service that Senator Moore embodies that I respect and admire his work, both as a colleague and on a personal level.

Over the years, we have watched Senator Moore lead by example, showing how to help change a country. You have to participate. Only by showing up can you have an impact on your communities, and show up for his community he did. That is why he’s so fondly known in Halifax and now in this chamber.

By focusing on his own community so consistently, Senator Moore embodies the truth we all try to live by: Service starts in our own backyards.

Every institution Senator Moore has been a part of has benefited from his opinions, thoughts and contributions. And every institution has felt that Senator Moore is an active member of the community, involved, bringing a sense of trust to the opinions he expressed — they were personal. Senator Moore, you really care about Canadians, and I want to thank you for that.

Senator Moore’s contributions have been as vast and diverse as our country itself, and through all of his work we see that consistent theme of supporting, uplifting and improving a community. It started in Halifax, but he has managed to extend that sentiment across the entire country to the community of Canada.

Senator Moore, we thank you for your leadership by example. We thank you for your passion, and we thank you for your years of tireless service. This chamber will miss you, but we take comfort knowing that your presence will still be felt through the impact of your work over the last years, both here and across our great nation.

Senator Moore, Jane Cordy and I will miss the dinner dates we had with you. We will truly miss this.

Senator Moore, I will miss you. Now, my friend, it is time to have some fun.

Hon. Senators: Hear, hear!