Do you want your question asked to the Government in the Senate? Now is your chance!

The Senate Liberal Caucus wants Canadians of all political stripes to submit questions for us to ask the Government in the Senate. For the first time, you can have a direct voice in Parliamentary deliberations. This is just one way that we are doing politics differently in the Red Chamber.

“We want to be in tune with the concerns of ordinary Canadians,” said Alberta Senator Grant Mitchell. “This will open up Parliament to our constituents from the various regions we represent. It will give Canadians a direct voice, asking the questions they want answered.”

Since we started this initiative in March we have had a tremendous response. In only a few short weeks, we have received and asked a number of thought provoking questions submitted by Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

When your question is asked, you will be identified by name in the Senate and in the official record of the Senate Debates. The Senate Liberal Caucus will also contact you and provide you with a link to the official transcript of the Senate as well as to the audio clip of the exchange.

Geoffrey Robinson, a UCLA Professor born and raised in Ottawa, recently had his question on mandatory minimum sentences asked by the Leader of the Opposition, Senator James Cowan.

“When asking my question about Canada’s problematic reliance on mandatory minimum sentencing, Senator James Cowan did far more than simply pose the question,” said Professor Robinson. “He drew on his own expertise and engaged in a meaningful exchange with the Hon. Claude Carignan. As Canadians, we should be proud of this new Senate initiative, which brings a whole new level of accountability to the work of our Government.”

If you want to submit a question, go to and click on ‘Your Question Period’.

I look forward to asking your question to the Government in The Senate of Canada!