The Invisible Visible Minority: Race and Employment

In the previous blog of our Systemic Racism series - The Invisible Visible Minority, we discussed the importance of definitions and how without clearly defining a problem, solutions can be very hard to find. But definitions can never truly portray a lived experience, much as a number in a [...]

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Powerful Voices: Canada’s Youth of African Descent

Last Friday evening, I had the absolute honour of virtually attending a forum featuring Young leaders of Africa Descent in British Colombia. It was my privilege to share a little bit about my own experiences of being a woman of African and South Asian Descent in Canada and the [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority: Systemic Racism Defined

As we move to the second blog of our series about Systemic Racism, it is crucial that we understand what it constitutes. In order to work towards the eradication of an institutionally engrained behaviour, we first need to define it. Systemic racism as defined by the Ontario Government: Systemic [...]

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The Invisible Visible Minority (Part I)

There is no longer any doubt that Canada is indeed a nation that is plagued by systemic racism, at every level. As a racialized person, I have been subject to, and have witnessed, what it means to have the “wrong” skin colour and accent despite my access to a [...]

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Understanding the Commitment to Pluralism

“A pluralist, cosmopolitan society is a society which not only accepts difference, but actively seeks to understand it and to learn from it. In this perspective, diversity is not a burden to be endured, but an opportunity to be welcomed.” – His Highness the Aga Khan With the rise [...]

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Renewing my Call for the Creation of a Cabinet Committee on Racism in Canada

My recent blog titled, “Canada’s Urgent Need for A Race-Based Analysis” urged our federal government to adopt and implement strategies to combat all forms of racism in Canada. The need for this action is clearly evidenced by the growing global movement against anti-Black racism, one local example of which [...]

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