2nd Session, 41st Parliament,
Volume 149, Issue 22

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
The Honourable Noël A. Kinsella, Speaker


The Honourable Donald H. Oliver

Hon Mobina S. B. Jaffer: Honourable senators, I rise to add my voice to pay tribute to a colleague, a mentor and, most importantly, a friend, Senator Oliver. All that can be said about Senator Oliver has been said, and so I will bring a personal perspective.

I truly feel sad that, Senator Oliver, you are leaving this chamber. I feel sad because I lose a friend who has supported me in my work. I feel sad because you have provided the voice to the voiceless that has never been heard before. I feel sad because you raised the issue of racism, whether in the civil service, government or Parliament.

Today, on your departing, the issues you raised may not have a strong voice. Today we will lose, on the issues you raised on racism, the voice that you provided. Today we will lose a person who spoke for the voiceless. Most importantly for me, I will lose a friend I had here who understood my life’s experiences and gave them a voice.

I wish you, Don and Linda, many healthy years and the time to follow your dreams.